Experiential Tours at The Rocks

Whether you're interested in learning about wildflowers or maple syrup, wildlife habitat or local history, there's a world of discovery to be had at The Rocks. We offer personalized tours of the 1,400-acre property, with guides who are well versed in the rich natural history of northern New Hampshire and have explored the local woods extensively. Tours are available year-round, by appointment, for individuals or small groups. Our guides customize each tour based on participants' interests.

Potential topics of exploration include conservation of various wildlife habitats, discussion of the numerous animal species who live in and around The Rocks, the history and process of maple sugaring, the years-long progression of growing Christmas trees, and the history of human habitation and work at The Rocks.

Visitors may explore the historic Rocks property on foot, or by horse-drawn carriage ride. The exhilarating tours bring visitors through the historic and picturesque Rocks property and along our extensive trail system.

For more information, or to book a tour, please call 603.444.6228 or email info@TheRocks.org.

Presidential Sunrise